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Applify Yourself is a global mobile app and responsive mobile website development company that has recently expanded and transitioned our business model to include a local operation in Maui. Re-tooling the traditional App market known to be only for big corporations, we are providing services for any size business especially the small local ones.

Owner, Shannon Satovich says, “We started this business when we realized that there is a hole in the marketplace that wasn’t serving the small business owner the ability to afford to turn their business into a mobile marketing machine which is unacceptable in today’s marketplace. In today’s marketplace… every business in every industry needs an App and a mobile website and now we can provide them at a price that is within their budget.”

As we move forward, if you don’t have a good, solid, mobile presence, you will be left behind and here at Applify Yourself we provide both native mobile Apps and a mobile website boosting you into the future and bringing more customers through your doors everyday.

To learn more, take a look around the site and learn about the features we offer and preview a few Apps and mobile websites that we have completed. Then contact us to how an App and/or mobile website could transform your business. We’d love to discuss how we can help you grow!

Shannon Satovich – Owner Applify Yourself

Our Story

It started in college, the technology bug that is. I was on my third “major” and completing my senior thesis. At the time, 1999, I was mesmerized with computers but specifically the internet. I taught myself how to build a website then proceeded to write a manual that would teach others how to do this themselves from start to finish.

I was hooked!

From that point forward I was building websites. It became all that I wanted to do and I started looking for ways to earn a living with this hobby of mine. My husband wanted me to build websites for businesses, I kept saying no. Then I discovered that I could find a company that was willing to pay me a commission for selling their products, then I could build a website around that industry and then direct customers to the products I was offering. I then earned commissions any time someone purchased the product.

I loved it! I was building websites and earning a living at the same time. Still, my husband kept asking why I didn’t offer to build websites for businesses. I just kept brushing him off.

I built about 100 websites selling other people’s products. Some were massively successful, some were a complete failure. Eventually I stopped doing this and started looking for other ways to expend my energy. I dabbled in a few things, was somewhat successful, but I never felt the passion like I had with building websites.

Then I stumbled onto something. I realized something was starting to build, and build fast!


These amazing little programs are popping up everywhere and people are just fascinated with them. I quickly realized that 90% or more of these were games to play. However, slowly companies are now developing them for their businesses, and what is interesting about this is that their customers are just eating them up! Imagine for a moment what that means for the business!!!

The major downside to App development however has been that it has been expensive, costing $10,000 for something so basic that nobody would keep it on their mobile device! Unfortunately, when customers get a bad taste in the mouth from a company’s mobile presence, research has shown that most customers are never willing to return to that business again. So, why bother with a $10,000 App that is actually going to take business away from you? Then, to get into something worth having, Apps have been running upwards of $20,000, $50,000 or even $100,000 for a nice, fun, interactive and responsive App! Yes, you read that correctly!

Hmm, could we change that? Could we change the game? That is when a light bulb went off!

What if we could show businesses how an App could:

  • help them grow their business like never before,
  • help them reach costumers in ways they had never dreamed of
  • create a customer base that was both loyal and ultra responsive,
  • make business personal to the customer and have them coming back into the business, time and time again,
  • allow a business to reach out to their customers and know with certainty that they are seeing the business’s message in as little as 5 minutes and
  • allow the business to contact their customers anytime they like!

Wouldn’t this be an amazing scenario, a perfect scenario, for the business?  The implications involved here could catapult a business to places they have only dreamed of before!

Most importantly however…

Could we make all this possible for only a fraction of the cost??? And when I say a “fraction of the cost” what I mean is only a fraction of the $10,000 price tag.

After a lot of research and development, sure enough we discovered that we could do just that and we could offer this to businesses in just about every industry around!

Now, here at Applify Yourself, we are very excited to offer you an App for your business at a price that can fit into your budget and grow your business in ways you have only dreamed about in the past!

This time I won’t give my husband the opportunity to hound me about selling my services to businesses, ha ha.  This time I am going to make sure that every business has the same ability to grow, to expand, and become everything you dreamed of when you first started your business!

Take some time and look around our site. Explore how an App and/or mobile website could help your business, view a couple of demo Apps and then contact us to learn more! We can’t wait to discuss the possibilities of an App and/or mobile website with you! Contact us today: 808-495-0786